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Our Anniversary Music Pardons!

It’s March 19, which means SPIN turns 36! In recognition of our anniversary, and vesting in ourselves imaginary powers, we are going to issue pardons for those who have committed crimes against music.

What does that mean, you ask, perhaps not unreasonably? Well it means that by this proclamation, we hereby state that we’re selecting artists and songs that have “served their time” as it were, and if not entirely paid their debt to society, then close enough. Some very, very bad songs, and performers, and moments, will receive our clemency. Sometimes it’s just best to draw a line underneath it and let people live out their days as free souls, their record, no pun intended, expunged.

Now comes the fun part.

Dear reader, on top of our beneficient selections, we’re entreating YOU to pick a song, album or artist that you think deserves to be pardoned. It can be literally anything. A song you hated as a kid? Fair game! A song or artists that are super annoying? Give them a second chance, a hit-the-reset-button of absolution! The pop hit of yesteryear that sucked so horrifically, so monumentally that it has scarred human history, even if, in the fading years it has “aged” somewhat gracefully? Sure, why not.

Petition us for the artist or music that you think deserves forgiveness in the comments section on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and whatever gets the most votes will be granted clemency.

As Kurt Cobain once sang, “The choice is yours, don’t be late.”