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Nandi Bushell Continues Hot Streak With Cover of Muse’s ‘Plug In Baby’

For the better part of the last two decades, Muse has most likely been your favorite band’s favorite band. And for most of the last year, Nandi Bushell has most likely been your favorite band’s favorite child prodigy of rock music.

On Sunday, the English youngster released her take on “Plug In Baby.” She described it as “one of my most CHALLENGING covers so far,” yet still managed to flawlessly work through all four parts of the song. The original version of the track also recently celebrated its 20th anniversary since releasing as the first single from the band’s breakthrough sophomore album, Origin of Symmetry.

Previously, Bushell covered “Hysteria,” which the band approved of.

Check out Bushell’s version of “Plug In Baby” below.

Not wanting to get drawn into a digital battle of the bands with the 10-year-old star like Dave Grohl did, Muse was quick to take to their official Twitter account in praise of Bushell on Monday, saying she “absolutely killed it again.” Take a look at the social media correspondence between the two parties below.