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Har Mar Superstar Issues Apology Following Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Har Mar Superstar at BUST Magazine's 20th Anniversary Extravaganza in Brooklyn, NY, July 25, 2013

Sean Tillmann, better known as Har Mar Superstar, issued a lengthy apology on his social media platforms on Thursday evening after he was accused of sexual misconduct by several women.

“Recently, brave women have been coming forward to speak about how I treated them, including conduct that was harmful, abusive and selfish,” he began.

“I want to provide my deepest apology and my public commitment to be accountable, to listen, and to do what I can to allow for healing and growth, not only for those women who have come forward, but for our community — and in particular our musical community — as a whole,” he continued.

News of the accusations circulated recently on social media, and earlier on Thursday, the Star-Tribune outlined a series of incidents from three different accusers that allegedly took place between 2014 and 2017. The Star-Tribune reported that Tillmann “aggressively propositioned them for sex and grabbed or inappropriately touched them — accounts corroborated by text messages and conversations with friends at the time of the alleged incidents.”

Of the three accusations, the only one that Tillmann addressed was one that allegedly took place in 2016. According to the Star-Tribune, the accuser was a friend of Tillmann and at a gathering at his house, she said that he “unbuckled his pants and stuck his penis in her face.”

“I categorically deny the version of events that has been presented within her post,” he said of that alleged incident. “It just didn’t happen that way, and the recent account includes awful, untrue details that have been added.”

Another woman accused Tillmann of putting his hand down her pants at Grumpy’s Bar in Minneapolis, and the third accuser said that she was in a recording studio with Tillmann when he drunkenly propositioned her. After she turned him down, she told the Star-Tribune that she went to a basement bathroom and “All of a sudden, Sean comes busting in the stall,” she said. “I remember him trying to kiss me and touch me.”

“I am deeply sorry to anyone who feels I’ve hurt them. … I want those who have been brave enough to speak up to know that I have heard you, I am ready to listen, and that I am committed to doing what I can to be accountable and, frankly, to just be a better human,” he wrote. Tillmann concluded by writing “I hope one day I may earn forgiveness and trust of those around me in my past, present and future.

You can read his full statement below.