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Kesha Dreams of Adventures With Her Cat Mr. Peep$ in ‘Little Bit of Love’ Video

Kesha and Mr. Peep$

Kesha is back with a new video for “Little Bit of Love,” which comes from her latest LP, High Road.

Known for her off-the-wall and, at times, goofy ideas, Kesha takes us into her dreams where she imagines Mr. Peep$ as a life-size human with a feline face (of course). The dynamic duo explore the seas, ride roosters through the desert and even execute a bank heist. Regardless of where they go, the video clearly shows her devotion and love for Mr. Peep$.

Not only did Kesha take the directing duties, but she also stars in it with her award-winning cat, Mr. Peep$. Using a cheap greenscreen setup and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, she, Mr. Peep$ and her boyfriend Brad were the cast and crew for the visual project but also enlisted the help of co-director Jonah Best for editing and VFX, who did the work remotely.

Kesha has spent most of her quarantine time having some fun with videos and shared a tribute clip to Nicholas Cage and shared a video of “Home Alone,” featuring lyrics about Macaulay Culkin and dancing around her place.

Get ready to explore Kesha’s dreams with Mr. Peep$ in the “Little Bit of Love” video below.