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Fiona Apple Joins Black Lives Matter Protests in California

Fiona Apple

Like many around the U.S., Fiona Apple joined the protests against racism and police brutality over the weekend.

Carrying a sign with “COPS: DON’T BE WHITE CHAUVINISTS ARREST THE OTHER THREE!!!,” Apple, who also made sure to wear a mask, walked with protestors in Santa Monica.

Zelda Hallman, a filmmaker and Apple’s housemate, posted a photo of Apple at the protest and shared a message to urge people to join the movement.

“Getting justice for Mr. George Floyd is just the beginning of a VERY long road of dismantling racism in our institutions,” Hallman wrote. “But let’s get that justice. By the way, this was a peaceful protest but the police decided to change that and then I came home and watched a @cnn corespondent outright lie about what was happening. Let’s get justice for Mr. Floyd and then we continue to tackle the rest of it. Justice is needed. Justice is required. Justice will not be denied.”

Apple has used her voice to speak out against injustice in the past. When she released her latest album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, she made sure to include that the album was recorded “on unceded Tongva, Mescalero Apache, and Suma territories” in the credits.

“This way I’m tied into it with something that I made now has more meaning because it’s attached to them,” Apple said in an interview with Democracy Now!. “It’s a way for me to also make a life commitment to be listening and to be able to be a friend in whatever best way I can.”

See the footage from the Black Lives Matter protest below.