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Ice T Responds to Trapt Challenging Him to a Fight: ‘lol Too funny’

Over the past few weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic became more widespread, Trapt have strangely emerged as a contrarian voice by supporting basically almost everything that health officials have said not to do and revealed themselves as MAGA supporters.

Then they decided to go after Ice T and Body Count.

Last week, whoever is running the band’s Twitter account took aim at Body Count, which caught T’s attention.

The tweets speak for themselves.

Now, they’ve doubled down.

Today, Trapt challenged the hardcore/gangsta rap legend to a round of a bare-knuckle fight. If that sounds bizarre, well, it is and happens to be the times we live in.

“Where the fuck is @DannyDiablo? I need to fight you in any way you want, cause I NEED to fight @RILEY_CYRUS bare knuckled! This is not a fucking joke!! This is man to man! If I need to get through Danny for the pleasure of cracking Riley’s face, sanctioned, I will! I want this!!!,” Trapt wrote in a tweet.

“If I have to fight and shed blood… every single Trump supporter should be watching! I am fighting for you! Let’s do this!!!! I am SOOOO ready! Fuck these Bernie Bitch left wing liberal Bands! Fuck em! I’m here for you!!!!”

@FINALLEVEL ICE T! You ready to go bare knuckle?! You started ALL of this shit! I didn’t want it to be like this! I never tweeted at you! But I will defend my honor! To the fucking death!,” the rant concluded.


Of course, T noticed and responded in a pair of tweets, saying first, “Who is this Troll?” and “lol Too funny.”

This has our vote for the strangest feud of what’s proving to be an extremely odd year.

See the full exchange below: