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Rob Thomas Shares His ‘Songs for the Socially Distant’ Playlist

"This playlist transcends genres, styles and eras to get to the quick and make you feel something"

With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Rob Thomas:

Social Distancing. Flattening the curve. These phrases just came into our world and have gone straight to number 1 in our vernacular hit list with a bullet. But they represent something super important. All of us staying home so that we don’t contract or infect. It makes you appreciate some little things and I see so many of us reaching out to music. This playlist transcends genres, styles and eras to get to the quick and make you feel something. Mari and I have eclectic tastes so it’s all over the place but, hey, so are our emotions.  Enjoy.

“Brooklyn in the Summer” – Aloe Blacc
Wake up. Is the sun out? Play this immediately. Is it raining? Play this song immediately.

“It’s Oh So Quiet” – Bjork
Before I put on real clothes (if I do at all), I dance around the room in my PJs to this.

“The Oogum Boogum Song” – Brenton Wood
Play this while you cook. Dancing is optional.

“Synthesizers” – Butch Walker
Three drinks in? Blare this.

“You Worry Me” – Nathaniel Rateliff
Last Drink? Play this as you finish it.

“Human Fly” – The Cramps
Hey! My 16-year-old self just called and said listen to this.

“All Through the Night” – Cyndi Lauper
Why is this sad and uplifting at the same time? DAMN YOU, LAUPERRRR!!!

“Here You Come Again”- Dolly Parton
My current self is having a play date with my inner child.

“Seventeen” – Sharon Van Etten 
Honestly, I just put this song on every playlist cuz it rocks.

“Compound Fracture” – My Morning Jacket
My wife doesn’t understand my undying love for this band. Run to the closet to listen.

“If I Ever Was a Child” – Wilco
Everyone went to sleep but I’m awake and still drinking. What is wrong with me?

“We Can Work It Out” – Stevie Wonder
Uncle Stevie, can you tell me again about when people used to go to restaurants?

“The Only Living Boy in New York” – Simon and Garfunkel
I felt like this in my local grocery store parking lot. Pretty sure that’s what he wrote it about.

“Reflecting Light” – Sam Phillips
Please turn away while my wife and I slow dance now.

“Make Me Feel” – Janelle Monae
If the world started to burn I would probably still dance to this.

“La Cintura” – Alvaro Soler
My wife is dancing around the room. I am starting to suspect that she is Latina. Que?