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Jeff Tweedy Goes ‘Live from the Lavatory’ With ‘Evergreen’

Jeff Tweedy Live From the Lavatory

If there’s one room in the house that people point to for the best acoustics, it’s always been in the bathroom. So when Jeff Tweedy was set to play an acoustic set for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he brought the performance straight from his lavatory.

And since the rest of Wilco couldn’t join the fun, Tweedy recruited his sons, Sam and Spencer, to sing harmony on “Evergreen,” off his 2019 album, Warmer. As you’d expect with the three Tweedys, it was a beautiful rendition of the tune.

You can find more of Tweedy’s live sessions at 10:30 ET every night on the family’s Instagram account, @stuffinourhouse.

But in the meantime, check out Jeff, Sam and Spencer Tweedy’s performance of “Evergreen” below: