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Biffy Clyro Return With ‘Instant History’

Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro have been known for famously for being a mainstay in the UK alt-rock space. But their latest single, “Instant History,” embraces a more pop feel while maintaining their rock roots.

“‘Instant History’ is the biggest, most slammest pop moment we’ve ever worked on,” lead singer Simon Neil said in a statement. “And thematically it’s a good pointer for what the album is about: learning from mistakes and realizing how you can move things forward. Things can be similar although they’ll never be the same, but let’s not be scared of that.”

Meanwhile, their video, with quick video cuts and hardly any frills, shows more of the Biffy Clyro that fans have come to know and love. “Instant History” is the Scottish band’s first single off their upcoming eighth studio album.

See the video for “Instant History” below.