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Ice-T Releases Video for “Too Old For The Dumb Shit”

Aging rapper Ice-T has released a music video for his recent single “Too Old For The Dumb Shit.” It’s the second entry in a planned trilogy that began with the “Feds In My Rearview” video back in July. The new tracks are his first in over a decade.

Narratively, the new video for “Too Old For The Dumb Shit” is the trilogy’s first act. “I said, you – know what – I’ve been in film. What if I made a trilogy where the videos were as important as the song and do one, two, three songs that tell like a story of this criminal that’s going through these different things,” quipped Ice-T. “So the ‘Feds’ trilogy is three songs, I did it out of order like George Lucas. I’m releasing ‘Too Old For The Dumb Shit’ which is actually Part 1 in the series”

Check it out below.