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50 Cent Wants His Strip Club Money Back From Bow Wow

50 cent bow wow strip club money

The hip-hop lifestyle can appear pretty extravagant, with rappers living out ridiculously expensive fantasies teased in their songs—whether or not they can afford it. But even rappers sometimes put away the mask they wear in front of the world and behave shockingly, mundanely human.

Take Bow Wow for instance. The former child rap star was one of 50 Cent‘s celebrity guests at gentlemen’s club called Allure earlier this week. A post on 50’s blog site claims that he provided many of his celebrity friends—including Bow Wow—with stacks of $1 bills to rain on the dancers. But the Grammy-winning rapper went on social media Wednesday and accused Bow Wow of going home with a good deal of the money provided to him at the party.

“We came there like this, Bow wow stealing ones why the fuck you ain’t throw that to the dancers. you better get me the fucking money by Monday,” 50 tweeted along with a video of a fat stack of bills at Allure.

He also wasn’t too happy with Jermaine Dupri, whom he accused in a subsequent tweet of bringing the young rapper. “This shit is bad JD, ya man can’t come party with us no more.”

Bow Wow appeared to poke fun at 50’s claim with an Instagram video Tuesday. In the clip, various people pop up to ask him for money, with one rejected person who wanted money for tuition reminding an increasingly irritated Shad that it wasn’t his cash anyway and to pay 50 by Monday. “This has been my life for the past 24 hours!” he captioned the video, including the laughing-crying emoji and the hashtags #idontowenobody and #stopasking.

In another Instagram video, Bow Wow denies 50’s accusation. “This man knew, he knew I came in with my own bag!” he insists while sitting in the studio. “A thousand, bro? … Here it is man.” He counts out 10 $100 bills, then drops the cash on the floor.

50 hasn’t been shy about calling out people he feels wronged him financially. In April, he blasted producer Randall Emmett for allegedly owing him $1 million by sharing what appeared to be a text chat between the two. In it, he appeared to threaten the producer, who is engaged to Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent: “Keep playing with me and get ya fucking head cracked in front of everybody.” Just as with Bow Wow, he wanted his money back on a Monday. (Emmett did cough up the dough, and “Fofty”—as the producer spells it—deleted his social media posts on the subject.

In May, 50 demanded on Instagram that his “Power” costar Rotimi pay back a hefty sum. “My man you owe a outstanding balance of $300,000,” he captioned a video in which Rotimi denies owing him cash. “Now WALK WITH ME to the bank.”

Chrissy Teigen, a diehard Vanderpump Rules fan who no doubt was familiar with the Emmett-50 Cent beef, chimed in Thursday as news of 50’s latest demand for return of his cash spread. She tweeted: “I’m gonna start a company where I loan you money to pay 50 cent back.”

If all that’s been alleged about Bow Wow is true, while it certainly is embarrassing for him to be exposed like this, and unless you’re one of the dancers at Allure, it is hard to fault him here. 50 made the choice to relinquish his money over to Bow Wow, and Shad made the decision to hold onto a bit of it for himself.

At best, you could argue that the money is really owed to those dancers and not to 50. In either case, if a little public humiliation is the price to pay for taking home a thousand bucks, it sounds like Bow Wow came away with a fair trade.