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Thom Yorke Shares Full Suspiria Solo Session, Details Upcoming EP

Thom Yorke’s soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino’s film Suspiria is continuing to make waves in the new year. Last month, Thom Yorke released a solo performance of “Open Again,” a highlight from the soundtrack album, as a standalone video shot at New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Now, Yorke has revealed three additional videos shot during that same recording session. In addition to performing Suspiria tracks “Unmade” and “Suspirium,” Yorke also recorded a rendition of “Bloom,” from Radiohead’s 2011 album The King of Limbs.

The release of these new videos comes with another Suspiria-related announcement: On February 22, Yorke’s Suspiria Unreleased Material EP (with seven tracks of Suspiria rarities and B-sides) will be released on streaming services and on vinyl via a limited pressing. “Suspirium,” which earned the 85th spot on our list of the 101 best songs of 2018, was recently shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category. Yorke has been candid about his desire for the nomination: “I mean, I hope it gets nominated. That would be great, because it was a year and a half in my life, and I worked bloody hard on it. So, you know, sometimes it’s nice to be recognized.” See Yorke perform the track, along with “Unmade,” “Open Again,” and “Bloom” in the video playlist below.
Suspiria Unreleased Material EP Tracklist:

1. “Unmade Overtones”
2. “Unused Spell”
3. “A Conversation With Just Your Eyes”
4. “The7th7th7th7thSon”
5. “Volk Spin Off V1”
6. “Volk Spin Off V2”
7. “Volk Spin Off V3”