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Stream Steve Gunn’s New Album The Unseen in Between

Steve Gunn‘s latest solo effort The Unseen in Between has arrived via Matador. The album was announced in October with “New Moon,” a five-minute folk song with shimmering, tremolo-drenched guitars and atmospheric synth pads behind the songwriter’s shaky voice. Since then, he’s released another single titled “Stonehurst Cowboy,” which found Gunn working with Bob Dylan’s bassist Tony Garnier, a recurring contributor on his new album.

In a recent conversation with Gunn, Kim Gordon praised Gunn’s skill as a producer, noting that that’s what initially attracted her to his music. “The production isn’t in the way of it, there’s a certain purity to it,” she told Stereogum. “And I liked [Steve’s] melodies. It reminded me of records I had, but it also didn’t seem nostalgic. It seemed contemporary.”

The release itself follows Bay Head, the latest album from Gunn’s noisy Gunn-Truscinski Duo. Eyes on the Lines, the last album under his given name, was released in 2016 following his 2015 split with Kurt Vile. Hear The Unseen in Between below.