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Gary Oldman Narrated the Forthcoming David Bowie Is App

The David Bowie Is art exhibit has been converted to an app, and the late rocker’s friend and Basquiat co-star Gary Oldman will be providing narration. The app will reportedly replicate the experience of visiting the David Bowie Is career retrospective museum exhibit for anyone who missed it in its physical form. The exhibition featured around 60 of David Bowie’s costumes, along with lyrics, photos, and other artifacts from the late musician’s storied career. The app is described as providing an “augmented reality” experience designed to replicate seeing the artifacts in the flesh.

“This brings the amazing David Bowie Is exhibition to a wider audience,” Oldman said in a statement.”It’s great that his fans get to experience it. It was a privilege to be involved.”

Oldman and Bowie became friends in the late ’80s and the Sid and Nancy star made an appearance as a man of the cloth in the 2013 video for Bowie’s “The Nest Day.”

The physical exhibit toured 12 museums beginning in 2013 and culminated at the Brooklyn Museum in July. Spin’s review of the exhibit described it as telling “a palpable, sometimes even relatable story about an artist that was as much the consummate student as a peerless innovator.”

The app will be available on January 8, which would have been Bowie’s 72nd birthday.