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Digits, Our Young Thug Office Snake, Is Dead

Some sad news out of Spin HQ: Digits, the little green snake sent to our office to promote a new Young Thug project earlier this year, has died. We’d say something nice here about the tragedy of her short life, but who knows—maybe she was already, like, 10 years old or something when Young Thug sent her to us. Either way, we’ll miss you, girl.

Digits slithered into our lives and our hearts in August, when Thug’s team at 300 Entertainment sent snakes to our colleagues at Billboard, and a number of other media outlets, as part of the rollout for his Slime Language collaborative mixtape. We had our ethical reservations about a promotional campaign involving a bunch of live animals, that require care to continue living, handed off to unsuspecting journalists with no advance warning. But we grew to love her, and now she’s gone.

Ross Scarano, Billboard’s VP of Content, was Digits’s closest companion here, unless you count the faux rock in her tank that she spent most of her time hiding underneath as a companion. Scarano tells Spin he last interacted with Digits on Friday evening, when he filled her tank with water.

“She’s been quite active in the last few weeks, and consistent with that, she dove right in to take a drink and I documented the moment on my IG story, with the martini emoji,” Scarano said. But by Monday, Digits was “gently coiled in the corner of the tank, underneath the warming lamp,” and not moving. When Scarano tried to stimulate her and she did not respond, he realized she had died.

Digits is not the first Young Thug snake to go. In September, we reported that Hubby, a snake first sent to Vice’s music publication Noisey and later adopted by the PR firm Girlie Action Media, had also died.

As for Digits, Scarano says, “I hope she passed peacefully.”