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Hell Is This Kimmel Skit Starring Dave Grohl as Satan and Billy Crystal as God

Among the holiday decorations currently installed at the Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield is a rather garish sculpture of a woman’s hand holding an apple. The monument bears the legend “Knowledge Is the Greatest Gift” and the logo of the Chicago chapter of the Satantic Temple, a non-religious organization that advocates for separation of church and state and relishes an opportunity to exercise its Constitutional right to freedom of speech next to a Christmas tree. This ugly but harmless chunk of metal has a handful of War-on-Christmas types predictably infuriated. Those people are wrong, because the real offense to good taste is a dreadfully unfunny Dave Grohl/Billy Crystal sketch from last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (exclamation point theirs).

Much like the Satantic Temple, Kimmel uses the Illinois Capitol holiday display as a set-up for some exhausting jokes about how hip and chill God (played by Crystal in a backwards “God” cap) is these days. Grohl, looking a little more red-faced than usual as he reprises his role from 2006’s Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, appears about halfway through carrying the Devil’s own instrument, the electric guitar. It seems Satan and the big guy are pretty cozy: They go out to brunch, where they argue the eternal fate of Ted Cruz. Ha! Ha ha ha! Are we in Hell yet? Watch below.