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Courtney Love Wants John Mayer to Find Out if Phil Lesh Is Her Godfather

You read the headline correctly: Courtney Love wants John Mayer to find out if Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh is her godfather. Let that string of proper nouns settle in for a minute, and when you’re ready I’ll lay another one on you. Take your time.

Nice weather today, isn’t it.

No no, it’s fine, I’m in no rush. I’m just going to cue up a classic Phil jam while we wait. Twenty minutes or so sound good?

All set? Great.

How about Bill Walton?

I can tell you’re in shock. Let me set the scene for you. A few weeks ago on Instagram, John Mayer posted a photo of himself mugging with Walton, the great NBA center turned insane color commentator. If you’re a Grateful Dead fan, you’re already drawing the connections in your mind. Mayer plays guitar in Dead and Company, the current post-Jerry incarnation of the band, and Walton is famously a huge Deadhead. The photo, which you can take a look at below, also features Dead drummer Mickey Hart.

The real action happened when Courtney Love hopped into the comments. Her father, evidently, was a manager for the Warlocks, which was what the Dead called themselves for a short while at the beginning of their career. Here’s what she said, via Live for Live Music:

my insane father who briefly managed the warlocks ( and apparently stole from them ) after dosing me at 4 . and loads of other crazy stuff . told me phil ( lesh ) is my godfather . it may be true . will you find out ? i was too shy to ask in albany once on tour. maybe he’s not . i don’t know . xxx c

She followed that with an offer that Mayer, a noted watch freak, might have a hard time refusing:

and i’ll get you a nice rolex john . lol lol .

There you have it. Maybe Phil Lesh is Courtney Love’s godfather, though I wouldn’t necessarily trust the word of a guy who apparently gave his daughter acid at four years old. Hopefully John finds out for her.