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The Unicorns, Islands Frontman Nick Thorburn Announces New Graphic Novel

Nick Thorburn—frontman of Islands and The Unicorns—is writing a new graphic novel called Penguins. The book arrives this September via Fantagraphics, and features a series of interconnected short strips that highlight the musical polymath’s skill as an illustrator.

“Penguins go through a lot of a hell that could be avoided if they had the ability to fly,” Thorburn writes in the book description. “This cruel irony lends itself to humor, as well as sadness. Death and the desperate search for love and companionship seem so tethered to life as a penguin, as well as for humans, and so the goal was to bridge those two and make them funny.”

Penguins is slated to ship this September 15. Preorder the book on Fantagraphics’ website today.