The Hold Steady – “The Stove & The Toaster” and “Star 18”

the hold steady new singles

Coinciding with The Hold Steady‘s Constructive Summer shows celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album Stay Positive, the band has released two new singles, “The Stove & The Toaster” and “Star 18.” The two songs are uptempo power-pop records that have been a staple in The Hold Steady’s extensive discography. The songs were put up on Bandcamp with a note from the group saying proceeds from the song will be donated to the K+L Guardian Foundation. From the note:

“These will be available for the fans here on Bandcamp, and will be on all digital services via Frenchkiss on Friday, July 20. If you choose to download these two songs, a donation will be made to benefit the K+L Guardian Foundation. ALL monies received from downloads will be transferred to the K+L Guardian Foundation.The K+L Guardian Foundation was formed to benefit “Jersey” Mike Van Jura’s children after he suddenly passed away in November 2012 at only 36 years of age. Jersey Mike was the unofficial leader of The Unified Scene.”

The Hold Steady’s Constructive Summer shows are taking place in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toronto, and San Francisco starting next weekend. Listen to the new songs below.


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