Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Blueberry Jam”

Will Oldham serves Tobias in the Blue Man Group realness in the video for an absurd new Bonnie “Prince” Billy one-off called “Blueberry Jam.” The song, which is all about how great blueberries are and how bad the rest of the world can be, comes with an appropriately ridiculous backstory. Via Stereogum:

Per a press release, the song came about after Oldham and his wife ate THC-laced chocolate-covered blueberries soon after the false missile alert that was sent in Hawaii at the beginning of the year. Oldham wrote the song during that experience, and then repurposed it a few weeks later to help out his friend that was opening a weed shop in California.

The best part of the song are the backing vocals that close it out, which pile onto Oldham’s berry-centric rhyme scheme in a way that might make you feel like you’ve OD’ed on edibles yourself. They also contain what is surely the first musical reference to the small New Mexico city of Tucumcari since Little Feat’s classic ballad “Willin‘.” Watch it below.


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