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Azealia Banks – “Anna Wintour”

Azealia Banks the persona frequently gets in the way of Azealia Banks the artist; an interesting rapper/singer that makes fun music fairly often. Her new song “Anna Wintour” is her best in some time and a reminder of why she continues to hold on to the select fanbase not ready to turn on her based on antics alone. The song feels like an offshoot of the ’90s pop-house era of Robin S. and La Bouche–satisfying, sweat-inducing dance music with Banks’s vocals effortlessly gliding weaving through the bass line at just the right times. She’s not running away from her showy reputation, either. “I’m so cold, I’m so grown, I’m so real life/ I’m so show off, my diamonds designed to twinkle and bleed light, ” she sings. “I’ll be better off alone, I’ll walk at my own pace/ I don’t need no one, I’ve got my own, I’ve got it made.” She wants us to know she’s doing just fine.

Stream the track below: