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Video: They Might Be Giants – “I Like Fun”

They Might Be Giants are preparing to drop their 20th album (!) on Friday, titled I Like Fun. While a certain sense of joyfulness has always been present in the band’s quirky oeuvre, the duo of John Linnell and John Flansburgh recently told the Charleston City Paper their latest album is actually about the things in life that get in the way of our good times. No where is that more present than in the title track’s opening lines: “Impatiently I wait to refill my prescription / and count the tock of the drugstore clock.” In usual They Might Be Giants fashion, things only get weirder from there.

The video for “I Like Fun” was released Wednesday and consists of an animated, mostly literal interpretation of the song’s oddball lyrics. Animated by illustrator Joren Cull, it’s a twisted, but darkly humorous three minutes and twelve seconds, during which an evil pill sends two floating heads to Planet Fun for a magic show. Check it out below.