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Thom Yorke Spoke With His Friend Benedict Cumberbatch for Interview

Thom Yorke rarely gives interviews in 2017, and it’s even rarer that he’s the one doing the interviewing. But Interview got him to do just that with Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as Thomas Edison in the forthcoming drama The Current War.

Without journalistic professionalism filtering them, the two are fairly transparent as they talk about their young adulthood (where Cumberbatch was the “party animal” and Yorke, of course, was choleric and ambitious), their creative processes, the best place to listen to A Moon Shaped Pool (in a car), and practicing how to cry (Cumberbatch: “I probably have cried on the toilet.”) Yorke also teaches Cumberbatch a little bit of Italian.

Yorke: Are you good at French?

Cumberbatch: No, not at all. But it’s one of my ambitions. I’d like to be able to dream one day in French. Italian and French are the two languages that I’d like to know.

Cumberbatch: What’s “kisses” in Italian? I can’t remember.

Yorke: Baci, baci.

Cumberbatch: Baci, baci.

Yorke: Baci, Cumberbatch-y.

Cumberbatch: This is very Just Seventeen. Please don’t use that.

Yorke: Can you imagine ending on that?

And—cue the rimshot—that’s how the interview ends. Read it in full here.