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Every Tom Waits Album From the Past 20 Years Is Getting Reissued

Tom Waits and his essential cowriter and collaborator for decades, his wife Kathleen Brennan, are overseeing a set of remastered versions of all the records Waits has released for the ANTI- label over the course of the past twenty years. That includes 1999’s Mule Variations, the exemplary Waits release that set the stylistic templates for most of his subsequent work, and every LP, including the 2009 Glitter and Doom live album, that Waits released after it. This means spiffy new versions of 2002’s Alice and Blood MoneyWaits’ underrated albums of music written for stage productions by visionary director Robert Wilson.

One from the catalogue has been totally remixed, with supervision by Waits and Brennan: Waits’ 2004’s blown-out gutbucket opus Real GoneThe albums have staggered release dates throughout November and December, except the 3-disc set Orphans, which is due sometime next year. Pre-order all the releases at ANTI-‘s online store.