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Here’s Dave Grohl Saying “Foo Fighters” Like He’s Christopher Walken

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins sat down for an interview—okay, a 45-minute, digression-filled chat—with Radio X presenter Chris Moyles this week. They talked about making their new album Concrete and Gold, working with producer Greg Kurstin, and how it’s “Foo Fighters,” not “the Foo Fighters,” even though Grohl says “the” all the time anyway. Speaking of “Foo Fighters,” Christopher Walken said it back when he hosted the band on Saturday Night Live in February 2003. Grohl would like to let you know that Walken first asked whether the accent was on the “Foo” or on the “Fighters,” and he will do his best Christopher Walken imitation to let you know how that happened. Watch below (start at 29:45):