Listen to Trouble’s “Snake Eyes,” the Scary Sax Jam in Last Night’s Twin Peaks

(Photo by Twin Peaks Twitter/Showtime)

While The Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone were likely recognizable to many music fans in earlier episodes, the skronked-out, no-wave-reminiscent bar band in last night’s episode of the new Twin Peaks didn’t boast such familiar faces. In fact, the mysterious, gloriously Lynchian trio is a new group called Trouble that consists of Dirty Beaches member Alex Zhang Hungtai on tenor sax, with two important David Lynch associates–his long-time musical collaborator/supervisor Dean Hurley and Lynch’s son Riley–on drums and guitar. A new instrumental of theirs called “Snake Eyes” scored a particularly seedy, disturbing scene in the Bang Bang Bar. Now, the band has released the studio recording of the song. It’s coming out as a part of a 7″ on Sacred Bones Records; the B-side is a track called “Mother’s Gone.” Listen to the songs below, and read our review of the new Twin Peaks here.



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