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Listen to Trouble’s “Snake Eyes,” the Scary Sax Jam in Last Night’s Twin Peaks

While The Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone were likely recognizable to many music fans in earlier episodes, the skronked-out, no-wave-reminiscent bar band in last night’s episode of the new Twin Peaks didn’t boast such familiar faces. In fact, the mysterious, gloriously Lynchian trio is a new group called Trouble that consists of Dirty Beaches member Alex Zhang Hungtai on tenor sax, with two important David Lynch associates–his long-time musical collaborator/supervisor Dean Hurley and Lynch’s son Riley–on drums and guitar. A new instrumental of theirs called “Snake Eyes” scored a particularly seedy, disturbing scene in the Bang Bang Bar. Now, the band has released the studio recording of the song. It’s coming out as a part of a 7″ on Sacred Bones Records; the B-side is a track called “Mother’s Gone.” Listen to the songs below, and read our review of the new Twin Peaks here.