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Sheer Mag – “Need to Feel Your Love”

Last month, Philadelphia punks Sheer Mag announced their debut full-length, Need to Feel Your Love, and today, they’ve dropped the delightfully retro title track. According to a statement from singer Tina Halladay, “Need to Feel Your Love” is about “[w]hen you get to the point of a romantic relationship and you feel as if you have done everything to give that person a chance to make the most out of it and you are at the breaking point and you NEED them to do something more, even if you don’t exactly know that is.” (Yeah, it’s kinda wordy, but it’s spot-on.)

SPIN just named Compilation LP, a January release that collects Sheer Mag’s first three EPs, one of the 50 Best Albums of 2017 So FarNeed to Feel Your Love is out July 14; listen to the title track below and first single “Just Can’t Get Enough” here.