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Lorde Reveals “Green Light” Was Inspired by Florence and the Machine

In the first part of her interview with Tavi Gevinson on Gevinson’s new Rookie podcast, Lorde spoke at length about the creative process behind her upcoming album, Melodrama. She addressed analyses of the album’s lead single, “Green Light,”  as a marked, poppy departure from the singer’s previous work, and explained the genesis of its unusual arrangement.

While explaining how the song came together, Lorde played a recording (titled “Very first Green Light”) from her phone of herself and co-writer/producer Jack Antonoff working on the piano-heavy bridge of “Green Light.” Lorde said the direction of the song was largely inspired by a Florence and the Machine concert she attended with Antonoff. “Her player did this big, kind of jangly movement with her hands on the piano, and it was literally the physicality of that movement that became the way Jack played that,” she said.

Listen to the fragment of the demo around the 25:30 mark here.