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What Are Your Favorite 1997 Alternative Rock Songs?

This week, SPIN called up the guy from Everclear, dusted off our old profile of Smash Mouth, and ranked 79 of the Best Alternative Rock Songs 1997. Our list is correct, of course, but a few people had the nerve to disagree anyway:

So, what if you think “Everlong” is better than Nirvana and you want to re-rank SPIN’s 1997 list accordingly? Well, it’s a free country for now, so here’s how:

  1. Peruse the whole 1997 alt-rock list below. Click on the image tile of any song to pop up the YouTube video.
  2. Use the interactive ranking tool to vote songs “up” or “down” based on your preference–your votes will be counted toward all reader votes.
  3. To rank and share your own list, scroll to the bottom and click “rank your version,” which will allow you to move songs around without anyone else’s input.
  4. Congrats, you’ve successfully selected Creed’s “My Own Prison” as the best alt-rock song of 1997—go start your own music magazine, or tell us why your list is correct. (We’ll update this post with your collective final verdict.)