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New Music: Stream Pissed Jeans’ New Album Why Love Now In Full

Pissed Jeans have a certain insight into the crushing details of the mundane. Coming from a hardcore tradition more absorbed in the crippling absurdity of existence than the sweaty anarchy of their punk predecessors, the Pennsylvania four-piece have long established themselves as burned out, torn up, and laughing at the system.

Why Love Now, their fifth LP and fourth with Sub Pop, reveals the band at its sludged-out best, trudging through jagged riffs and slow-moving drum beats before diving into a runny headrush of violent bliss. Tracks like “Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst” and “Ignorecam” surge through the mix with combative lyrics, flailing out at the limits of comfortability, all with a familiar staples of a Dischord or Touch and Go sound. The album is streaming today in full on Noisey; it’s available February 24 from Sub Pop Records.