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New Music: La Neve – “American Sounds”

In the video for “American Sounds,” the title track off of La Neve’s new EP, Joey DeFrancesco struts confidently while donning a purple wig and a crop top. As he walks through an eerily desolate mall, passerbys stare but carry on unnerved. And with recent legislation that challenges the right of transgender and gender-nonconforming people to exist in public spaces, DeFrancisco’s campy art-pop makes an especially powerful statement. The song is a dreamy, synth-pop glimmer of hope, and shows how pop can inspire joy and change, even as one’s right to existence is being contested.

As the guitarist in the outspoken punk band Downtown Boys and one-half of the electronic duo Malportado Kids, DeFrancesco says the new project will aim to destroy “the right wing power structure that has always run the USA.” 

Watch the video for “American Sounds,” and listen to a stream of the EP here.

You can check out La Neve on Bandcamp, and read an article about the 2016 election penned by Downtown boys here.