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New Music: Sleaford Mods – “B.H.S.”

Ahead of their new album English Tapas on March 3, Sleaford Mods have shared a first single and video, “B.H.S.” The song takes its title from a defunct department store chain, whose prior owner, billionaire retail tycoon Sir Philip Green, sold the company for just £1 in 2015. In 2016, it collapsed, pulling Green into a firestorm of pension obligation disputes. Sleaford Mods’ publicist provided this brief explainer for anyone who doesn’t follow British public outrage:

BHS (British Home Stores) was a chain of department stores in the UK controlled by Sir Philip Green, the chairman of Arcadia Group, which also owns Topshop, among others. The chain was shuttered in the summer of 2016, and 11,000 jobs were lost, as well as £571 million from the pension fund, leaving 22,000 former employees without retirement income. Having taken £400 million in dividends from the failed retailer, Green was sailing the Mediterranean on a newly-purchased super-yacht as the last stores closed.

The yacht was, in fact, Green’s third, and he isn’t terribly popular for it. Vanity Fair described him as “the U.K.’s answer to Donald Trump,” the Daily Beast just dubbed him “Britain’s most hated billionaire,” and the Daily Mirror calls him “Sir Greed.” Appropriately, Sleaford Mods’ video for “B.H.S” features the duo aboard a yacht, performing for a cigar-smoking, cocktail-sipping, robe-wearing Sir Green impersonator in Union Jack underpants. Watch below.