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New Music: Guided By Voices Announce New Album, Which Will Be Robert Pollard’s 100th LP

<> on September 8, 2012 in Dayton, Ohio.

Insanely prolific Ohio indie rockers Guided by Voices announced a new record earlier today. August by Cake, out April 7, will be the group’s 24th studio album and their first double album. More impressively, Pitchfork reports it’ll be frontman Robert Pollard’s 100th LP, including solo works and side projects. The band also released “HikingSkin,” the first single from August by Cake. Listen to it and read the album’s full track list below. [Pitchfork]

August by Cake:

00 Bob Intro 01 5º on the Inside
02 Generox — Gray
03 When We All Hold Hands
04 Goodbye Note
05 We Liken the Sun.
06 Fever Pitch
07 Absent the Man
08 Packing the Dead Zone
09 What Begins on New Years Day
10 Overloaded
11 Keep Me Down
12 West Coast Company Man
13 Warm Up to Religion
14 High 5 Hall of Famers
15 Hiking Skin
16 Sudden Fiction
17 Its Food
18 Cheap Buttons
19 Substitute 11
20 Chew the Sand
21. Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the Ocean
22 The Laughing Closet
23 Deflect Project
24 Upon the Circus Bus
25 Try It Out Its Nothing
26 Sentimental Wars
27 Circus Day Holdout
28 Whole Tomatoes
29 Amusement Park Is Over
30 Golden Doors
31 The Possible Edge
32 Escape to Phoenix