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Kim Gordon Gets “Interrogated” About Experimental Music in Bizarre Interview

Huck Magazine took an unusual approach to interviewing Kim Gordon, former Sonic Youth bassist/singer and now Body/Head bandleader: They blindfolded her and questioned her aggressively in a bunker-like room. The whole thing was filmed on a grainy surveillance camera.

It’s definitely not an appealing concept, and it’s a little tough to tell what the title—”The Interrogation of Kim Gordon”—is supposed to say about the fact that Gordon doesn’t like interviews. Regardless, Gordon did offer some interesting thoughts about the music that has spaced her life, and what attracts her to experimental music, including a memory about hearing avant-garde composer John Cage’s music at age 10. She also talked about the process behind making her September single, “Murdered Out.”

It’s the first time Husk has used this format to interview someone; it remains to be seen if they’ll return to it.

Watch below.