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Gopsel Singer Shirley Caesar Is Suing Over the Super Viral #UNameItChallenge

Update: DJ Suede’s music video has been removed from YouTube following the court order.

Last month, producer Suede remixed a video of gospel singer Shirley Caesar rapping a list of food with Christian conviction. The rework became the #UNameItChallenge, a dance craze that came just in time for Thanksgiving. Weeks after the yearly feast, Caesar is tired and weary of the cracks. CBS 46 is reporting that Caesar has filed an injunction to remove one of Suede’s #UNameItChallenge music videos, alleging it’s responsible for $5 million in losses. DJ Suede, Jullian Boothe, and the record label Empire Distribution are named in the injunction.

After Suede’s original remix, he made a video for the song featuring a bunch of people getting drunk, which lead attorney James Walker said “violate[s] the brand, image and name of a Christian pastor.” Caesar alleged that the video also jeopardized a deal with Snoop Dogg,  from which the proceeds would’ve gone to the hungry. (The nature of this deal was not named.)

Caesar expressed her gratitude for the remix’s popularity during a Wendy Williams Show appearance, before breaking into her own rendition, and gave Snoop Dogg her blessings when he delivered a clean G-funk remix. Walker said that Caesar and her family liked Suede’s original video, but that the second video is a no-go. You can watch it below, as well as Snoop Dogg’s version.