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Watch a New Short Film Directed by Carrie Brownstein, Featuring Kim Gordon and Natasha Lyonne

Carrie Brownstein probably has some experience with getting called “mom” on Instagram–the term of endearment preferred by thirsty millennials everywhere to signal their affinity for a particular female celebrity. The “mom” phenomenon, along with several other social media tics, is the subject of The Realest Real, a fashion-video-cum-comedy-short that the Sleater-Kinney guitarist wrote and directed for the brand KENZO.

As you might expect, The Realest Real plays like a Portlandia sketch, goodheartedly satirizing the habits of artsy and upwardly mobile young people with an absurd but relatable premise and gradually rising stakes. The big difference is that instead of Fred and Carrie, this one stars Laura Harrier and Natasha Lyonne, with a surprise cameo from Kim Gordon. Watch it below.