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Psychic Twin Dances Through Her ‘Hopeless’ Heart on New Song

Singer/songwriter/composer Erin Fein is your Psychic Twin, and what she’s sensing is that you need gorgeously shimmering, melancholic dance-pop in your life. She’s right, of course — always is — as “Hopeless” is among the year’s most emotionally resonant jams for the lonely end of the dance floor. Waves of synths and fuzzy faux-bass blanket Fein’s  compressed coo, as she bemoans being “Hopelessly alone in my heart / Like I’ve always been from the start.” She may be dancing on her own, but her isolation sounds more joyous than self-pitying, as if she understands that the music she’s losing herself in is more important than the misery.

You’ll be joining her soon enough anyway. Listen to “Hopeless” here, and look for Psychic Twin’s debut album Strange Diary, coming September 9 via Polyvinyl.