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Belle and Sebastian Share Unofficial Rio Theme, ‘Olympic Village, 6AM’

Stars of track and field we are

Belle and Sebastian are big fans of footraces (see: “The Stars of Track and Field,” “The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner”), and track and field events at the Rio Olympics begin this Friday. To celebrate, the band has shared a new track, “Olympic Village 6AM,” a kooky, keyboard-filled instrumental in a similar vein to “Judy Is a Dick Slap.”

“Belle and Sebastian dig the Olympics, love the Olympic ideal, love that the world gets together for a big ‘sports day’ once every four years. We can’t be part of it, though we’d like to be,” frontman Stuart Murdoch wrote in the video caption. “Olympic Village 6AM” is presently only available with its accompanying video, a montage of equally inspiring and kitschy archival Olympic footage. Watch below.