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The Warlocks Summon Their Inner ‘Lonesome Bulldog’ on Bone-Chilling New Single

Veteran experimental psych-rock act the Warlocks’ current lineup is out of hiding, and putting all of their skeletons on display with the heart-numbing first single from upcoming LP Songs From The Pale Eclipse, due out 9/2 through Cleopatra Records. “Lonesome Bulldog” features muted vocals from bandleader Bobby Hecksher weaving wearily through static sonic terrain with the gusto of a jaded vagabond — which is a lot more pleasing than that description may sound.

Hecksher’s buried, half-vacant murmurings peek out from under the covers of distant, drowning percussion and jangling guitar interludes to reveal plenty of semi-disturbing accounts of purging angst: “Just another minute while I poke out my eyes,” “Nothing to eat, nothing to drink / No one to love, no one to talk to.” It’s all “just another day as a lonesome bulldog” for The Warlocks.

Listen to the song below and be sure to check out Songs From The Pale Eclipse on September 2.