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Sasquatch! 2016: SPIN Portraits of Rudimental, Frightened Rabbit, and More

Plus Baroness, Digable Planets, Walshy Fire, Wet, Protomartyr, Casey Veggies, and many more

Throughout Memorial Day weekend, SPIN was on site at the Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Toyota Music Den, where we invited many of the fest’s best and brightest to stop by for portraits shot by photographer Erik Voake. We also asked the artists for a quick quote to accompany their photos, discovering that Briana Marela is a huge Simpsons fan, Rudimental played on the same football teams growing up, and Digable Planets reunited because they “missed each other,” among many other revelations.

Check out the photos and quotes below, and see coverage from all three days of the Music Den at Sasquatch! here, here, and here.

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Rudimental

What: U.K. drum and bass party-starters

Quote: “Our friendship is strong. We all grew up together and were on the same football teams.” — Leon “DJ Locksmith” Rolle

Frightened Rabbit
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Frightened Rabbit (Scott Hutchinson)

What: Singer/songwriter/leader of Frightened Rabbit

Quote:  “If I couldn’t make music, I’d be drawing in a little shed somewhere.”

Digable Planets
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Digable Planets

What:  Recently reunited hip-hop legends

Quote: “We missed each other.” — Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler

Walshy Fire
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Walshy Fire

What: One-third of electro supergroup Major Lazer

Quote: “You want that raw feeling, like you’re at a party and it’s gritty.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Protomartyr

What: Detroit post-punk

Qutote: “I like British post-punk and stuff like Pere Ubu.” — Joe Casey

Casey Veggies
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Casey Veggies

What: Hip-hop artist and entrepreneur

Quote: “Sasquatch! was great people. Great energy. The scenery was crazy and I just had a good time.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Wet

What: Synth-laden R&B devotees

Quote: “My perfect meal would be french fries, nachos, salad, and apple pie with ice cream.” — Kelly Zutrau

Kevin Garrett
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Kevin Garrett

What: Blue-eyed soul singer/songwriter

Quote: “My all-time favorite singer, definitely the biggest influence on me, is Sam Cooke.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Tamaryn

What: Shoegaze dream popper

Quote: “Sasquatch! curates really well. From what I’ve heard from festival-goers, this is the one that has the coolest bands.”

Speedy Ortiz
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Speedy Ortiz

What: Classic alternative-influenced indie rock

Quote:  “If I wasn’t playing music I might be a hot dog vendor.” — Sadie Dupuis

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Baroness

What: Critically-lauded alt-metal quartet

Quote: “I’m just a weird ball of energy.” — John Baizley

Hop Along
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Hop Along

What: Raucous indie rockers and vivid storytellers

Quote: “I listen to Dylan all of the time. Highway 61 was the first album I ever heard, and that was just like a painting to me.” — Frances Quinlan

La Luz
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: La Luz

What: Seattle surf-rockers

Quote: “I got to see Shannon and the Clams and Ty Segall yesterday.” — Shana Cleveland

Conner Youngblood
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Conner Youngblood

What: Multi-talented folktronic artist

Quote: “The scenery here is just amazing. There’s nothing better than playing music while looking at this scenery.”

Deep Sea Diver
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Deep Sea Diver

What: Dreamy power pop

Quote: “Because of the wind, our drum kit was airborne and snot was flying out of our noses.”

CREDIT: Tino Tran

Who: Baio

What: Vampire Weekender Chris Baio’s eclectic solo project

Quote: “I had a job with Teach for America before playing music professionally.”

Summer Cannibals
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Summer Cannibals

What: Blistering punk with pop

Quote: “No other place can offer this much wind.”

Briana Marela
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Briana Marela

What: Dreamy, moody pop

Quote: “My favorite Simpsons is the one where Homer goes on fat disability. I love the bird that types for him and his Muumuu.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Thao & the Get Down Stay Down (Thao Nguyen)

What: Unique, folk-inspired rock

Quote: “My dream movie double bill is The Princess Bride twice.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: SOAK (Bridie Monds-Watson)

What: Irish singer/songwriter prodigy

Quote: “I’m an Irish leprechaun.”

Son Little
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Son Little

What: Rootsy singer-songwriter with hints of R&B

Quote: “I don’t really have a particular creative process. The main goal is to end with something that pleases me.”

Noah Gundersen
CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Noah Gundersen

What: Neil Young-influenced indie folk singer/songwriter

Quote: “Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night, specifically.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Tacocat (Lelah Maupin)

What: Glittery art punks

Quote:Blade Runner meets a space princess in a candy factory.”

CREDIT: Erik Voake

Who: Telekinesis (Michael Lerner)

What: Seattle indie rocker with love for pop hooks

Quote: “I’d love Wes Anderson to direct a video for me.”