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Mick Jenkins Ends Months-Long Silence With TheMIND-Assisted ‘Sunkissed’

The SaveMoney collective has been in the center of the Chicago conversation with Chance the Rapper and Joey Purp both releasing excellent recent projects. But some fans haven’t forgotten that Mick Jenkins is supposed to be releasing his album, [T]he [H]ealing [C]omponent, sometime this year. Jenkins also hasn’t released a new song since this past March.

There’s still no word on when that album is dropping, but at least there’s a new Jenkins song in the world. “Sunkissed,” which features fellow Chicagoan and frequent collaborator TheMIND, has the same socio-political tone that’s marked his work: “You love my style/ You love my skin/ That melanin, that melanin, that melanin.” Listen to the new song, which is presented by 1800 Tequila for some reason, below.