It’s Free Pizza Friday With the Twee-Punk Trio’s New ‘Berlin, DE’ EP

As far as album-opening manifestos go, it’s hard to get much more on-point than “I wish I could go dancing, ‘coz dancing is the cure to mediocre moments,” the kickoff lyric to Free Pizza‘s Berlin, DE EP. Indeed, the seven-track, 13-minute affair is the stuff that ’80s indie dance nights are made of, the now-Nashville-based trio — founded by the South American-born Jesus Vio and Santiago Cardenas — cut a rug with ringing guitars, frantic bass, and hyperactive drums, sounding like a particularly nervous Smiths trying to impress John Peel.

It’s as grin-inducing a collection as a band with such a universally agreeable name should be capable of. Listen here, and look for the EP on BUFU Records next Friday, June 17.


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