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Stream Modern Baseball’s New Album ‘Holy Ghost’ in Full

Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball will soon release their third studio album, Holy Ghost, on May 13 via Run for Cover Records. Ahead of its release, the quartet are streaming the entire album on Bandcamp.

The record, which is intentionally split in half, with one side featuring music by Jake Ewald and the other Brendan Lukens, was meant to emulate the construction of Outkast’s 2003 classic Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. “That is, no lie, how it came about,” Ewald tells Bandcamp. “But as we started writing the songs, we realized, ‘Oh, this is actually really neat, because we can have our own little chunk we can focus on, and be really involved in what the order’s gonna be, and how the songs are gonna flow into each other.’ At the same time, Brendan and I were dealing with a lot of the same broad feelings. So it kind of ended up flowing nicely from one half to the other.”

Listen to Holy Ghost in full here.