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Deerhunter Performed a Saxed-Up ‘Living My Life’ on ‘Colbert’ Last Night


Our beloved Fading Frontier was leisurely for a Deerhunter album, but this is ridiculous. In what’s absolutely the greatest version of “Living My Life” you’ve ever heard, the band went E-Z listening last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Deerhunter was joined on the tune by a jovial conga player, a giddy saxophonist, wind chimes (of course), and a Boz Scaggs-like Bradford Cox up front in a big, honking khaki fedora. If you guessed that these components inflected the tune with a joyous, disco-lite quality — maybe even a smidge of Afropop in the syncopated guitars — you’d be right. Watch the performance below.