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Azealia Banks’ Horrifying Slurs Against Zayn Malik Got Her Canned From a U.K. Festival

BERMUDA DUNES, CA - APRIL 10: Rapper Azealia Banks and singer Chris Brown attend the NYLON Midnight Garden Party at a private residence on April 10, 2015 in Bermuda Dunes, California. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NYLON)

When there’s a story involving Azealia Banks, there’s no shortage of nouns, verbs, and adjectives writers can use to stuff their URLs with keywords, since the frequently controversy-embroiled rapper never keeps things simple. Last night’s Twitter drama starring the New York star was no exception.

Let’s try to break down the Broke With Expensive Taste provocateur’s past 24 hours as best we can: early yesterday, the 24-year-old commented on ZAYN’s (née Zayn Malik) new “Like I Would” music video, citing similarities in their artistic sensibilities and mentioning that she was flattered that the former One Direction star would lift her style for the visual. Later in the day, Malik tweeted about someone without naming names, saying “I see you reaching but I don’t care.”

Banks, of course, got caught in her own feelings and assumed it was about her, because this is The Truman Show minus Jim Carrey and plus Azealia Banks, after all. She began to unleash a tirade of vile, hateful comments about Malik and his family. Some of those are below for your horrified perusing:

Caught up? Buckle in, there’s plenty more. A Malik fan reportedly hacked into the rapper’s iCloud account and leaked her cell phone number to the world; Banks retaliated by posting Malik’s email address and FaceTime information to her account. Mess stays being messy.

Here’s where Disney star Skai Jackson, the new undisputed ruler of Twitter, steps into play. “Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little,” the 14-year-old posted to the social media service yesterday afternoon without tagging anyone. Once again Banks came out swinging against the 14-year-old girl on Twitter, because, remember, she lives her life on the Internet and — like Tinkerbell’s incessant need for applause — needs the drama to survive.

“And you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child’s place,” Banks told Jackson. It was then that the earth tilted on its axis, a storm so great and powerful brewing at the behest of Jackson’s teenaged fingertips that not a man, woman, or child was prepared for the read of the century that the Disney star returned:

Fans began rallying behind Jackson and Malik, tweeting directly to the upcoming U.K. festival Born & Bred — at which Banks was scheduled to headline — demanding they remove her from the bill. After several more hours of the rapper coming for British singer-songwriter MNEK with a series of homophobic slams, Born & Bred’s festival promoter Rinse FM responded accordingly, canceling Banks’ appearance:

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t seem like Banks cares all that much: