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Gland Create Visceral, Fun Punk With ‘Neurotica’ LP

Gland, an all-female punk trio hailing from New Orleans, channel the visceral character of their home city with exhilarating rawness. The group made their debut with 2015’s Ambiancé EP, a three track release that the group’s Bandcamp page declares was recorded only using an iPhone. That DIY aesthetic continues with Neurotica, Gland’s first full-length effort, officially out tomorrow, April 20. Of the nine dizzying tracks, “Cram It”, the joyously angry lead single, sets the album up as a vertigo-inducing ride. Through grumbling bass and hailing percussion, lead singer Kallie Van Tassel howls: “I’m not crying anymore.”

Stream the album below, and order it on cassette here, via Community Records.