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DIIV Amble Aimlessly in the Woods for Their ‘Mire (Grant’s Song)’ Video

DIIV’s new album Is the Is Are is stuffed with meandering, gauzy melodies and twisty songwriting, and this morning the Brooklyn band has trounced out of the city in favor of upstate New York in their new “Mire (Grant’s Song)” music video.

[articleembed id=”180195″ title=”Review: DIIV Empty Everything They've Got Into the Winding 'Is the Is Are'” image=”180202″ excerpt=””]

Shot for Pitchfork‘s “GoP4K,” the visual is a stark, grey-flecked glimpse at both the band performing and also Zachary Cole Smith’s aimless ambling in the forests and barnyards of the ‘burbs. Watch below, and pick up Is the Is Are — an album title that finally answers the question: What was Missy Elliott singing in the “Gossip Folks” chorus? — here.

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