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PC Worship Induces Vertigo in Black-and-White ‘Done’ Video

Punk collective PC Worship — frontman Justin Frye with a rotating cast of musicians — closed out 2015 with a groaning bang on Basement Hysteria, a four-track EP they released in November. The addition to their already voluminous discography clocks in at over 30 minutes long, staying true to the group’s self-described “explorative” roots. One standout was the acidic leading track, “Done,” nine minutes of vertigo-inducing noise-rock. Now premiering the accompanying video, the group returns with similarly dark (in this case, black-and-white) aesthetics: Shot by Wolf from online live recording channel Roulette TV, the clip scans like a B-reel Twilight Zone episode, featuring ominous images of historic monuments, pagan symbols, and prowling zoo animals. Watch it here and find PC Worship’s upcoming tour dates below, one of which is a DJ set tonight at Bushwick’s Trans-Pecos.

PC Worship tour dates:
March 31 – Queens, NY @ Trans-Pecos DJ set w/ Aa, Crown Larks, Sunwatchers, and Kel Valhaal
April 1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades as Frye, Fox & Tobias Trio w/ Excepter, Ono, and Patrick Higgins
Apri 16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn for Lani’s Birthday Metldown w/ Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Florida, Weeping Icon, and Doug Poole
April 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades as Cloud Worship (PC Worship + Cloud Becomes Your Hand) w/ Buck Gooter, Sunwatchers, and the Cradle
May 5 – Boston, MA @ Boston Hassle w/ Creepers
May 6 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Creepers and Heavens Gate
May 26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Martin Bisi