Maïa Vidal Declares Independence In Glitchy Video for ‘Jell-O’

That Maïa Vidal’s jazzy voice and smooth pop production would so easily attract attention from major fashion houses like DKNY is easy to see: Her music is stylish without overstatement, expressive without pride. The Santa Barbara, California-born chanteuse’s newest track (after a recent cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”), a stripped-down rework of 2015’s “Jell-O,” sees plaintive piano and melancholy lyricism blossom into a full-on dance track, and a declaration of independence.

“Don’t make me whole / I didn’t ask you to,” sings Vidal, as her image in the accompanying video fragments and glitches. “I was fine on my own / existed before you.” Vidal needs no third-party enhancement: She realizes that the things others may call “imperfections” are really just the qualities that make us who we are. Check out the video below, and get her album, You’re the Waves, out now on Crammed Discs.

Maïa Vidal tour dates:
March 18 – Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Palm Door Sabine
March 19 – Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Icenhauer’s


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