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Drake Fans Reportedly Beg for Meek Mill’s Arrest

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 20: Meek Mills performs during the Bacardi untamable house party on November 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi)

Meek Mill is currently facing probation violation charges that stem from a 2008 gun-possession conviction. Though he already served eight months in prison, then another five months last year, now Meek has allegedly violated the terms of his probation by traveling outside of Philadelphia without receiving a proper travel voucher. On top of that, apparently Meek’s case is being infiltrated by angry Drake fans according to

During yesterday’s court hearing, prosecutor Noel DeSantis noted that Drake fans “blew up” her phone, asking her to arrest Meek. Listing off Meek’s offenses, DeSantis later argued that he drew thousands of fans to a video shoot, briefly stopped at the Canadian border, and that he didn’t always show up to places where he’d tell probation officers he’d be.

Meek’s girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, also showed up to the courtroom to testify on his behalf, in which she confirmed that she and Meek are living together, and that she’d be sleeping alone if Meek went to prison. She also acknowledged that Meek is sometimes “irresponsible,” but that he’s working to become a “a quote-unquote adult.”

“He never purposefully goes against rules,” she said. “He absolutely wants to make this a smooth transition.”

The court is expected to make its decision next Thursday. [h/t Stereogum]